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«Dushanbe Plaza» - is a multifunctional complex activity, that directed to on creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurship development, assistance in the formation and improvement of the business environment, provision of quality services, carrying out political, economic and social events, various mass, family and individual celebrations. Complex «Dushanbe Plaza» is a communal property of the Local Executive body of the state authority in a Dushanbe city. Complex "Dushanbe Plaza" provides an opportunity to implement these goals, as well as to conduct business and realizations of measures with the highest level of comfort, is the most advanced and modern technology combined with unique architectural solutions.

«Dushanbe Plaza» is a modern complex, one of the best office centres of A class in the city, which fully meets the requirements of the classification of business centres for this category of buildings. As an example of modern architecture, the complex is organically fit into the existing building of the center of the capital of Tajikistan. This 22-storey building consisting of three blocks, the total area of 39734 sq.m, (from 1 to 5 floors of the Block A – style bite part, from 7 to 20 floors these are two blocks B and V two floors).



The infrastructure of the Complex will include an office, business and cultural centers, restaurants and cafe, indoor 2-level Parking lot. The buildings of the complex are equipped with high-speed panoramic lifts, escalators, 2,3,4,5,6 and 19 floors will operate restaurants and cafes. Special mention deserves and unique location of the complex. «Dushanbe Plaza» is located at the address 38/1 Rudaki street, in the heart of the capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe city, in five minutes of walking distance from the main square of the capital, buildings of the Majlisi Oli - the Parliament of the country, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, Center of strategic studies under the President of RT.



From the Windows of the observation points of the complex, with its panoramic views over the Central square of the capital of the country and the historical centre of the city, including the memorial complex of Ismoili Somoni, the Palace of the Nation, the country's Parliament building, Central Park Rudaki surrounded by a Complex of well-equipped



territory of the district of Ismoil Somoni. The maximum proximity to the historical and political center of the city the location of the «Dushanbe Plaza» is not experiencing the problems of transport congestion. Thanks to its convenient location and free access to the main transport arteries of the city, to any district of the city of Dushanbe one can reach in a matter of minutes.