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Rental of offices suggests that in Your temporary use enters the room in which You will be able effectively manage Your businesses. Prestigious location, modern architectural design, comfortable planning of the office premises, high quality interior finish - all this, certainly, important characteristics of the business complex of class A, to which refers the «Dushanbe Plaza». They provide the necessary level of comfort, influence the psychological climate and the ability to work of employees, thus helping to increase the efficiency of business. Important distinguishing characteristic of our office

premises are engineering solutions. It is high-quality engineering systems ensure the process of vital activity of the complex, and, therefore, a high level of comfort. All this You can get in the Complex «Dushanbe Plaza».






«Dushanbe Plaza» is intended for companies aspiring to high standards in the organization of the working space. For a large successful company modern office is an important part of the business image and corporate policy.
Offices of complex «Dushanbe Plaza» at the same time meet the image and functional requirements. However, the «Dushanbe Plaza» offers its tenants is not just an office space, but something more - a unique business environment, favorable for business development.





Office premises located from 7 to 20 floors in blocks B and C, total area of which is 13872 sq.m. For rent are offered office space on floors 7-15 size 69.8 sq.m., 75.2 per sq.m., 139.5 sq.m. Offices located in 16, 17, 18 and 20 floors - VIP offices, secured system of access control (SCAC), cable TV and a more developed system of the premises with the area of 227.6 sq.m., 75.6 sq.m., 128.6 sq.m. and 20 floor 180.3 sq.m.



































The leased premises are in good condition, do not need repair and meet all the necessary requirements.